Sticky Business Sticks to the Nintendo Switch: Unleash Your Inner Craft Boss!

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Calling all crafty creators and cozy game enthusiasts! Buckle up, because Sticky Business has just landed on the Nintendo Switch, announced during today’s exciting Indie Showcase. This adorable game, which took Steam by storm last year, lets you live the dream of running your own little sticker shop.

Design, Deliver, Delight!

Sticky Business combines the relaxing vibes of a cozy game with the strategic elements of running a small business. You’ll get to design unique stickers, from quirky characters to inspirational quotes. The game offers a variety of tools and effects to unleash your creativity, almost like a sticker version of Animal Crossing’s design customization! But unlike Animal Crossing: New Horizons, where design plays a big part but isn’t the core focus, Sticky Business is all about crafting the perfect sticker and building a successful shop.

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More Than Just Stickers: Building Your Brand

But it’s not just about the stickers themselves. You’ll also manage your inventory, fulfill customer orders (each with their own heartwarming stories!), and even upgrade your shop with new tools and fancy effects. This adds a layer of strategy similar to games like Stardew Valley, where managing resources and building your business is key to success.

Developer: Spellgarden Games

A Sticky Inspiration

Sticky Business isn’t just a fun and relaxing game; it’s also a delightful inspiration for anyone who’s ever dreamed of starting their own small business, especially in the realm of arts and crafts. Seeing your virtual shop flourish and customers light up with your creations might just be the push you need to pursue your own creative endeavors in the real world!

So, if you’re looking for a charming and wholesome game that lets you unleash your inner entrepreneur, then Sticky Business is the perfect addition to your Nintendo Switch library. With its adorable visuals, relaxing gameplay, and inspiring message, it’s a game that will stick with you long after you’ve placed your last order.

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